WAKEY WAKEY – A Film By Adrian Goodman.

A tale of two young sisters, isolated from the world around them, add a twist of the sublime with a foreboding sense of curiosity and you have one potent mix for original film making.

A young narcolepsy sufferer Josie, lives with her seriously strange sister Samantha.

Josie struggles to grasp the difference between what is real and what is a dream thanks to her unfortunate illness that leaves her in a perpetual state of confusion and helplessness.

Her sister Samantha seems to revel in the realm of the unspeakable.
Bound by crippling symptoms ranging from sleep paralysis and hallucinations, Josie finds herself driven deeper into solving the puzzle of her barely grasped reality of conscious life and surroundings.

While Josie struggles to control her world put on hold by her chronic neurological disorder, Samantha toys with a youthful ambiance of creativity mixed with a dark and tempting psychosis that leaves her cold and calculating towards her otherwise compassionate responsibility.

There is something undeniably romantic and seductive that lingers in this haunting dark subconscious awakening.

Goodman masterfully creates this horrifying web of deceit, anxiety and confusion that thrives in an isolated setting which is both beautiful and terrifying.

A timeless nightmare set in an architectural maze of shadowy elegance and minimal dialog to complement one killer of a soundtrack.

Wakey Wakey, is a visually stunning and delicately surreal journey that will grab your attention right from the get go.

Not to be missed.


Copyright – Desensitized 2013.


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